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StegosarusHere we have the first design from Cleverwood's newest puzzle provider, Marcus Allred. This beautiful wooden puzzle is named "The Lunatic".

Each Lunatic is unique, being crafted from solid wood with a Burl Maple exterior. It is a hidden maze puzzle. You drop the provided steel ball in one hole and try to get it out of the other hole in the fewest number of moves.

Here's what Marcus has to say about his design:
"The Maze can be worked from either end, one way is more difficult than the other.  For the more difficult of the two begin inverted and don't lose your mind, you will need to go back and forth at least once maybe twice to escape this asylum."

The first thing that draws you to this puzzle is the attractive solid wood exterior. It has a light and lustrous finish that really brings out the variations in the wood. It is smooth to the touch. Marcus's woodworking on each maze is very good, showcasing the beauty of the wood itself. The exact dimensions of each maze are different, but all of them are over 2 1/2 inches squared.

This is a solid puzzle that feels good in your hands. Perfect for any fan of fine hardwoods.

Free Shipping is available on this item to all continental US addresses. Just type in the promo code Free Shipping in the coupon code field on our shopping cart. (code is not case sensitive)

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The Lunatic Puzzle:
bulletSolid wood construction
bulletHidden Maze Puzzle - Steel Ball included.
bulletEach puzzle is unique.
bulletRough Dimensions: 2 1/2" - 2 3/4" squared
bullet4.6 - 5.2 ounces
bulletSlocum Classification: 5.5
bulletDifficulty: moderate

The Lunatic - Burl


Solid Maple Burl wood is used on the exterior of this design

#1013 - The Lunatic - Burl: $119.00 $101.15

Sold Out

The Lunatic - Purple Heartwood


Solid purple heartwood is used on the exterior of this design

#1014 - The Lunatic - Purple Heartwood: $89.00 $75.65

Sold Out

A few words about the artist:

"My interest in woodworking began when I was a child as I was helping my Dad create small masterpieces in our garage for the yearly pinewood derbies.  My interest grew and progressed from there and the "approved" project in high school woodshop didn't seem to satisfy my desire to create something a bit more atypical.   The freedom I found in the ability to express a bit of my personality through each new project I completed was and still is awesome.

Each project starts with a simple idea and the Lunatic is based off of an idea I had over 12 years ago.  While doing the typical "guy thing", I was looking for a project to complete that would properly impress my fiancée.  We resurrected the Lunatic and reformed it into the finished piece you see here.  It was impressive enough to do the trick and she became my wife not long after.  (You may want to consider carefully who you buy this puzzle for!) Now I continue to create quality pieces of work that will inspire and provoke thought and reflection."

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A mechanical puzzle is a self-contained object, composed of one or more parts, which involves a problem for one person to solve by manipulation using logic, reasoning, insight, luck, and/or dexterity.” - Jerry Slocum

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