The Knock Box Japanese Puzzle Box

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Now here is a unique puzzle box. Made by Japanese craftsmen 12 Move 4 Sun Japanese Puzzle BoxHiroyuki Oka it features the classic Himitsu-Bako puzzle moves in its three sliding panels but has a never before seen puzzle element that must be solved before the panels will move. With-in the box is a sliding catch that can only be released by "knocking" or tapping the box in the correct manor.

This box is also rather oddly shaped for a 4 Sun box as well, being longer and thiner them most. Its just under 5 inches long.

Classic Koyosegi is used on the lid and bottom of the box, with a brown and tan checkerboard patterned yosegi being used on the edges. A light finish lets the feel of the wood come through - It practically glows!

The three sliding panel work very smoothly, as does the "Knock" move. The box is constructed from solid wood and is of high quality.

A pressboard gift box and opening instruction diagram are included.

To see this puzzle open click here.

bullet“4 sun” size: 4 15/16" L  3 " W  2 1/16" T (12.6 cm x 7.6 cm x 5.2cm)
bulletInside Compartment: 3 3/4" L  2 5/16" W  1 3/16" T (9.5 cm x 5.9 cm x 3.1 cm)
bulletWeight: 5 ounces (142 g)
bulletDifficulty: Moderate-Difficult at first, then Easy.
bullet1 Unique "Knock" Move
bulletSliding panels: 3
12 Move 4 Sun Japanese Puzzle Box
#1072 - 5 Move 4 Sun "The Knock Box" Japanese Puzzle Box: $70.00

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A mechanical puzzle is a self-contained object, composed of one or more parts, which involves a problem for one person to solve by manipulation using logic, reasoning, insight, luck, and/or dexterity.” - Jerry Slocum

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