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The Snap-Lid Secret Box is the most complex of the Secret Boxes. They have magnets in either end of the lids which hold them on tight. The magnets are also responsible for this box's name - when closing the box the magnets make a satisfying snapping sound.

These three new boxes feature elegant Leaf and Floral inlays, with bold hardwood designs.

  • 2 1/8" x 1/2" x 5/8" (5.5cm x 3.8cm x 1.6cm)

  • 1.4 oz (38g)

What can you put in a secret box?

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with Bloodwood Diamond Leaf Design

#1099 - Magnetic Snap-Lid Box Teak: $16.00 

In Stock


Tiger Maple
with Sycamore Floral Design

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#1100 - Magnetic Snap-Lid Box Tiger Maple: $16.00

Sold Out

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Purple Heart
with Sycamore Oak Leaf Design

#1101 - Magnetic Snap-Lid Box Purple Heart: $16.00

In Stock

People sometimes ask “What can you put in a secret box?” The answer is “Anything that fits.” Some suggestions: change, small photos, vitamins, medicine, love notes, jewelry, keys, razor blades, pins, toothpicks, stamps, folding money, keepsakes, and rice for throwing at weddings.
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A mechanical puzzle is a self-contained object, composed of one or more parts, which involves a problem for one person to solve by manipulation using logic, reasoning, insight, luck, and/or dexterity.” - Jerry Slocum

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