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The Keepers Key Safe Story

By Randal Gatewood

In the days of old, keeping valuables safe was quite a task. Wooden locks and keys were implemented in this task. In those days, a ‘Keeper‘ was engaged as the sentry of the lock, and of the key. Where there were locks, there were valuables and therefore, there were thieves. Over time, the biggest dilemma for the Keeper was the “loss” of a key. This was indeed a tragedy for the Keeper since the retribution for such failure could be quite harsh. Thus, the “Keepers Key Safe” was created. The key could be deposited into the box with the panel “locked” using the key slot in the panel. The box was only identifiable and solvable by its Keeper - a secret of the Keepers trade. Fact is... common folk of those times could not manipulate its concept. The object is to remove the key from the box without degrading the box.

If you succeed, it is certain you may class yourself well above that of the common folk of old.

rg_keepers_key_safe.jpg (23863 bytes)The Keepers Key Safe is the second box in the Randal Gatewood collection. This photograph is of Box #026.

This puzzle box requires 7 moves before you can retrieve the key (pictured below) from inside the safe. It is a moderately difficult puzzle to solve, requiring a strange sequence of moves that are indeterminable by most who try this uniquely designed puzzle box. When you slide the smooth action lid open, you are met with a solid hardwood 'panel' that is impressed with Randal's branded signature logo and you can also see the key slot as described in the 'story'. This is where the challenge begins!

The Keepers Key Safe Puzzle Box is made from White Argentine Mahogany hardwood, implementing a decorative box joint design. The box and all its components are made of hardwood - no metal was used at all. This box is made to fine woodworking standards and is of very high quality. Randal also includes a "story card" with the 'Keepers Key Safe' tale.

Keepers KeyEach piece of this puzzle has some significance, in either the solution, or  in the story about the puzzle. Randal applies a hand rubbed lacquer finish that he specially mixes himself. After a series of applications, bees wax is applied to the lacquer coat and then the entire box is finalized with teak oil. The box is hand polished between each step. The result is a very warm, smooth - low luster finish.

rg_keepers_key_safe_panel.jpg (28986 bytes)To see this box opened, click here - then use your browser’s ”Back” button to return to this page.

The next edition of 20 boxes will be available fall, 2005. We are accepting orders for these boxes now. Cleverwood’s Certificate of Authenticity and color solution brochure come with each box.

The Keepers Key Safe Puzzle Box ~
bulletL 7" x W 3.5" x H 4.25"
bulletInside Compartment: L 5" x W 2.75" x H 2.5"
bulletWeight: 21 ounces
bulletDifficulty: Moderate - Difficult
bulletHandmade by Randal Gatewood
bulletSigned and numbered - limited edition of 60
bulletSolution booklet and Certificate of Authenticity included
bulletSlocum Classification: 2.1
#781 - The Keepers Key Safe Puzzle Box: $160.00

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A mechanical puzzle is a self-contained object, composed of one or more parts, which involves a problem for one person to solve by manipulation using logic, reasoning, insight, luck, and/or dexterity.” - Jerry Slocum

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