House Repaint Project Finally Completed

The weather here in South Bend has finally been warm enough to get my house repainted, so I decided it was time for a face life. It has been about 8 years, since the house has been painted so it was starting to look a little rough. It was faded and had lots of peeling, due to harsh winters we sometimes have.

Reason We Are Repainting Our House

The main reason my wife and I want to repaint the house, is due to the fact that we want to sell it. We have been looking at new homes, since are family is getting bigger. My wife is currently 4 months pregnant and we know eventually the house we are in now, won’t be big enough for all of us. It is kinda bittersweet though, since we have a lot of memories in our home, but we can always make enjoyable memories in a new house.

Some of the homes we have been looking into would be perfect for our family of five. The one we are thinking of buying is 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and comes with a huge backyard. I large backyard is one thing I always wanted, so I can set up a baseball net with a pitching machine. My son and I love to play and having a pitching machine in the backyard would be idea for the two of us. My wife thinks we are crazy for wanting one, but she really isn’t into sports.

The Painting Process

The whole process of painting our home was relatively easy. We searched BBB and Yelp for professional painters in the South Bend and Granger, Indianan area. The two we came across were that seemed good:

We decided to go with these two since, they seemed to have good reviews, and no complaints. After we found a couple of painters, we called to get some estimates to get an idea of how much the project would cost us. We eventually was able to find a painting company we trusted and had reasonably pricing.

The Painting Company We Choose

The painting company we decided to go with was Brothers Colors Painting, and they are based in the South Bend and Granger area. We decided to go with this company, since they seemed very caring about our project and they had really good prices. They took around 3 days to complete the house repaint, which was faster than they said, so I was very impressed. My wife and I love the outcome.

Here is a picture of the completed project, its a lot dark since it is a shaded area, but trust me the paint job looks amazing:

Exterior Painting of Home


I love the finished project and recommend the South Bend painters, who completed the project for me. It is usually something that I would do, but I didn’t have the time, due to my heavy workload this year. If you live the area and need some exterior or interior painting, let them know I talked about them and they may give you a deal.