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gifts1.gif (4019 bytes)Don’t know what to get for the puzzling people in your life? You can't go wrong with these great gifts. All of them are very interesting and good values.  

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Optical Illusion Small Optical Illusion Puzzle Cards
bullet2 Cards-5" x 2.25"
bullet5 Puzzles
bulletReproduction of a Classic Puzzle
bulletDifficulty: Moderate
Geometrical SmallGeometrical Puzzle
bulletDexterity Puzzle
bullet5.25" x 4.25 x .75
bulletReproduction of a Classic Puzzle
bulletDifficulty: Easy

Great PagodaGreat Pagodas
bullet3 different sizes
bulletAlso called "Crystal Burrs"
bulletThe biggest one has a stand
bulletDifficulty: Easy - Difficult

Disentanglement Puzzle 2 Bead Classic Disentanglement Puzzle
bulletOne assembled piece
bulletDifficulty: Moderate - Difficult
bulletW 4" x L 5.5" x H 0.75"- 0.8 ounces
bulletSamena hardwoods & nylon cord


Check-saw PuzzleCheck-saw Puzzle
bullet14 pieces - die cut cardboard
bulletThree solutions
bullet5.25" x .75" tray, boxed - 14 Pieces
bulletDifficulty: Difficult

Check-saw Puzzle Cube Puzzles
bullet6 Puzzles in one
bulletCubes: 1 3/8" x 1 3/8" x 1 3/8"
bulletFinished Puzzle: 6 5/8" Long, 4 Wide, and 1 3/8" Tall.
bulletPuzzle Difficulty: EasyPerfect for children
bullet2 different size puzzles
bullet14 pieces
bulletJapanese “Ho” wood - unfinished
bulletDifficulty: Moderate

Ace of Diamonds Mini Puzzles 
bulletExcellent value
bulletPacked in a plexiglass box
bullet12 different puzzles

Burr Set #4 Burr Sets
bullet3 sets
bullet2 kumiki puzzles
bulletJapanese “Ho” wood
bulletInstructions included


Little DevilThe Chuck Puzzles
bulletA family of related, versatile puzzles
bulletby Ron Cook
bullet7 different puzzles

Laser Art Secret Boxes Heartwood Creations – Secret Boxes - Flat
bullet1 move to openThese are “Pocket Boxes” 
bullet3 varieties of Hardwood
bullet9 boxes, 3 sizes
bulletDifficulty: Easy
Laser Art Secret BoxesHeartwood Creations - Laser Art Secret Boxes
bulletOne move to open
bulletCherry and Padauk Woods with Laser art tops
bulletNine varieties in two sizes
bulletDifficulty: Easy - Dovetail lid opening

Corners Puzzle Corners Puzzle
bulletEight pieces and a 2 piece tray
bulletDifficulty: ModerateFun to solve!
bullet4.25" x 3.25" x 1" in the tray
bulletSamena hardwood


Twist Puzzle Twist Puzzle
bulletOne piece made of 27 joined cubes
bulletDifficulty: Very DifficultA very unusual puzzle
bullet2.25" cube - 4.2 ounces
bulletSamena hardwoods


Mystyx Maze Mystyx Maze Puzzle
bulletTwelve pieces in a 2 piece cases
bulletDifficulty: Difficult and fun
bullet4.75" x 4" x1.75" - 9.8 ounces
bulletSamena hardwood


Lucky OwlLucky Owl
bulletDifficulty: Easy
bulletNumber of pieces: 6  - 14" x 3.25" x 1.13"
bulletJapanese “Ho” wood - unfinished
bulletSliding dovetail construction

Triangel 9x3 Vaclav Obsivac Puzzle
bulletPut-together Puzzles
bullet4 puzzles
bulletDifficulty: Moderate-Difficult

$14 $10.50
$22 $16.50

Lucky Owl Lion
bullet2/12 tall, 5" long
bulletUnfinished Japanese ho wood
bullet12 pieces
bulletDifficulty: Moderate


Heart Pivot Box Heart Shaped Pivot Secret Boxes
bulletA popular shape indeed
bulletSolid Paduak Wood
bulletEasy open pivot top
bullet2" x 1.75" x .63"
Stamp Holder Heartwood’s Stamp Holders
bulletHolds U.S. Postage stamp rolls
bullet2" x 1.25" x 1.75"
bulletGreat desk accessory
bullet3 varieties

Wave Secret BoxHeartwood’s Wave Inlay Secret Boxes
bullet4 varieties
bulletDovetail top
bulletHardwood - Padauk or Cherry
bulletDifficulty: Easy

Heart Ring BoxHeartwood Secret Boxes - Deluxe Wooden Inlays
bullet4 varieties in 4 shapes and sizes
bulletWalnut and Cherry with Burl and Spalted Maple inlays
bulletDovetail top
bulletDifficulty: Easy

Line-up Game Line-up Game
bullet“Connect Four”
bullet49 playing pieces and the 2 piece game board
bulletDifficulty: It’s a game, not a puzzle
bullet7.5" x 6.25" x 1.25" - 10.2 ounces


BS_ZufallsCube_small.jpg (9550 bytes) Zufalls Cube Puzzle
bulletSeven Pieces
bullet2.75" cube
bulletby Bernhard Schweitzer
bulletDifficulty: Easy 3 on scale of 10
Diabolito Cube Puzzle Diabolito Cube Puzzle
bulletSix Pieces
bullet2.75" cube
bulletby Bernhard Schweitzer
bulletDifficulty: Easy 3 on scale of 10
Cottage Cottages
bullet4.25" x 4" x 3"
bullet12 pieces
bulletIt is a coin bank
bulletDifficulty: Easy


BS_TheseusCube_small.jpg (9451 bytes) Werkstattwurfel "Work Shop" Cubes
bullet4 Cube Puzzles - 2.75"
bulletby Bernhard Schweitzer
bulletDifficulty: Moderate

Heart Ring BoxHeart Ring Box
bulletThe perfect engagement ring box
bulletBloodwood Hardwood
bulletEasy open pivot top
bullet2" x 2" x 1.5"

Mouse Pad4 Move 1 Sun "Mame" Japanese Puzzle Box
bulletDifficulty: Easy
bullet“1 sun” size: 1.75" L  1.25" W  1" H (4.4cm x 3.1cm x 2.6cm)
bulletInside Compartment: .75" x .75" x .5" (2.1cm x 2.1cm x 1cm)
bulletNumber of Sliding Panels: 3

Knock Box Heartwood Creations – Snap-Lid Boxes
bulletComplex Inlays - Three woods
bullet2 varieties
bulletMagnetic locks
bulletDifficulty: Easy
Knock Box Cheryy Tic-Tac-Toe box
bulletIncludes 12 marbles for play: six White and six Black
bullet3" x 3" x 1 3/8"  (7.8cm x 7.8cm x 3.3cm)
bulletWeight (including marbles) 4.2oz (120g)
bulletCherry hardwood construction


Card Holder Heartwood’s Business Card Holders
bulletWeighs only one ounce
bullet4.125 x 2.75 x 0.25
bulletWorks as a display stand


AnythingPadaukSmall.jpg (19682 bytes)Strung Out Puzzle
bulletA put-together puzzle
bullet27 wooden cube pieces strung on elastic
bulletSimilar to the Snake Cubes
bulletA Mini Puzzle version is available

Heart Knock Box Heartwood’s Heart Knock Puzzle Box
bulletBloodwood and Maple
bulletLined Inside Compartment
bulletA nice size 2" x 4"
bulletDifficulty: Easy
Haslegrove Box SmallHaslegrove Box Puzzle
bulletPut Together Puzzle
bullet3.25" x 3.25" x 4.25"-8 Pieces
bulletby Jeniver Haslegrove
bulletDifficulty: Moderate

BS_Juiha2_small.jpg (10161 bytes) Juha Cubes
bulletSix Cube Puzzles - 3.5" cube
bulletby Juha Levonen
bulletDifficulty: Very Difficult
Custom Cube Custom Cube
bulletCustom made for Cleverwood
bulletLaminated hardwoods
bullet20 pieces
bulletDifficulty: Moderate


Wookey Hole Wookey Hole Puzzle
bulletA put-together puzzle
bullet12 wooden pieces
bulletInterlaced, contrasting woods
bulletThere’s a hole in the middle
Mouse Pad7 Move 1 Sun Natural Wood Japanese Puzzle Box
bullet“1 sun” size: 1.75" L  1.25" W  1" H (4.4cm x 3.1cm x 2.6cm)
bulletInside Compartment: .75" x .75" x .5" (2.1cm x 2.1cm x 1cm)
bulletNumber of Sliding Panels: 3
bulletNatural Wood Construction

Gravity Pin Box Heartwood Creations – Gravity Pin Box
bullet4 moves to open
bullet2" x 3-½" x 6" and  1" x 2" x 4"
bulletDifficulty: Moderate - Difficult
Terra I Locking Puzzle Box Terra I Locking Puzzle Box
bullet4.75" x 4.75" x 1.5"
bulletInside Compartment: 4.25" x 4.25" x 0.75"
bulletBubinga, Cherry, and Bloodwood
bulletDifficulty: Moderate at first - then easy
Button Box Heartwood Creations – Button Box
bullet2 moves to open
bullet1-½" x 3-3/4" x 5½"
bulletDifficulty: Moderate
Yin & Yang Puzzle  Box Heartwood’s Yin & Yang Puzzle Box
bulletMaple and Bubinga
bulletLined Inside Compartment
bullet1-3/4" x 4-3/"
bulletDifficulty: Easy
Rock-It Box Turning Leaf Spin Puzzle Box
bullet3 moves to open
bulletBeautiful Inlay Design
bullet1½" x 3-3/4" x 5½"
bulletDifficulty: Moderate
Gravity Pin BoxHeartwood Creations – SeeSaw Box
bulletBubinga/Maple/Cherry Hardwoods
bullet5-1/2" long; 3-1/2" wide; 1-1/2" deep
bulletInside Compartment: 4-1/2" long; 2-3/8" wide; 3/8" deep
bulletDifficulty: Difficult; 7 Moves

Rock-It BoxHeartwood Creations – Rock-It Box
bullet6 moves to open
bullet1½" x 3-½" x 6½"
bulletLined Inside Compartment
bulletDifficulty: Moderate -Difficult

Dedale small.jpg (9736 bytes)The Lunatic Puzzles
bulletSolid wood construction with Burl Maple and Purple Heartwood
bulletHidden Maze puzzle - steel ball included.
bulletEach puzzle is unique.
bulletRought dementions: 2 1/2" - 2 3/4" squared. 4.6 - 5.2 ounces
bulletSlocum Classification: 5.5

Intricube small.jpg (9003 bytes) Intricube Puzzle
bulletTwenty-seven Pieces
bulletPut-together puzzle
bullet4" cube, 7" tall on the stand
bulletDifficulty: Moderate
129 Piece Great Pagoda Custom Great Pagoda
bullet129 pieces
bulletCustom made for Cleverwood
bulletGift Boxed
bulletDifficulty: Very Difficult


hw_623_small.jpg (6906 bytes)Safari & Meadow Collection Jewelry Boxes
bulletSmall jewelry boxes for men and women
bulletTwo unique and affordable designs
bulletDesigned and signed by Michael Fisher
bulletFine woodworking details

hw_623_small.jpg (6906 bytes)Moon Flower Jewelry Box
bulletWenge, Madrone Burl, Holly, and Bloodwood Hardwoods
bulletHigh quality wooden inlay on lid
bulletPearl-colored interior
bulletSize: 10 1/2" with x 7 1/4" depth x 3 1/4" height

Sierra Jewelry BoxAvalon Jewelry Box
bulletSolid Wenge hardwood construction with Burl lid
bulletHigh quality wooden Marquetry on lid
bulletSize: 12 3/4" with x 4 3/4" length x 3 1/8" height
bulletInterior Size: 11 1/2" with x 3 5/8" length x 2 1/2" depth

Madrid Green Chess SetChess Sets
bullet2 verities - Red & White and Gray & White
bullet19.5" checkered tabletop board
bulletWeighted pieces with leather bottoms
bullet16 dark pieces and 16 light pieces


Sierra Jewelry BoxSierra Collection Jewelry Boxes 
bulletQuilted Maple and Cherry
bulletAvailable with Pearl or Sapphire interiors
bulletOne, two, or three drawers.
bullet~Discontinued - get yours well they last!~

Masa Collection Jewelry Boxes
bullet3 distinct designs in 8 Hardwoods: Tiger Maple, Purple Heart,
Bloodwood, Tulipwood, Tiger Maple, Wenge, Madrone Burl, & Cherry
bulletby Michael Fisher
bulletFine woodworking details

Cascade ISeven Drawer Canyon Jewelry Boxes
bulletLarge amount of Space - 7 drawers
bullet12" x 8 1/2" x 13" (30cm x 22mm x 34cm)
bulletWeight: 17lb 14oz (8kg 115g)
bulletFine woodworking details


A mechanical puzzle is a self-contained object, composed of one or more parts, which involves a problem for one person to solve by manipulation using logic, reasoning, insight, luck, and/or dexterity.” - Jerry Slocum

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