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Mrs. Anne Wright of Portsmouth, England suggested that our customers might find information about the future status of our offerings useful. Specifically, knowing which items we will be discontinuing will help her decide which items to purchase now, and which items she can acquire later.

While we can never be sure that items we wish to reorder will be available, we do know that some items will not be available once our current stocks have been sold. We also know which items are not easy to get when we want to reorder them.

So, you can assume that the items NOT listed below will probably be continuously available on this web site.

(we know that we won't be getting more of these items)
• All Cascade III Jewelry Box Designs
• All Kumiki Puzzles - We hope to find a new source of Kumiki puzzles, but until that time once a specific puzzle sells out it's gone.
• All Zometool Sets
• All Louis Toorenburg’s jigsaw puzzles
• All Japanese Puzzle Boxes made by Okiyama (he died) 27 move 5 sun
• Both 5 sun Kikkou yosegi Japanese Puzzle Boxes - Hidden Drawer, 10 move
• Both 5 sun Tobizuru zougan Japanese Puzzle Boxes - 12 move, 21 move
• All Stewart Coffin puzzles made by Pelikan (see Other Makers)
• All Czech Puzzles (see Other Makers)
• All Chess Sets
• All Kathleen Malcolmson’s items that are not Puzzle Boxes.  However she will continue making Zig-Zag Puzzles and Wooden Neckties.
SPECIAL ORDERS: (these items were made one time, especially for us, or were a one time buying opportunity)
129 piece Great Pagoda
Custom Cube kumiki
Globe kumiki
55 Move Saya Japanese Puzzle Box (the price will go back up to $900 once we need to reorder)
• All Vintage kumiki
• The Rocket kumiki
Randal Gatewood's Limited Edition Puzzle Boxes
DIFFICULT TO GET ITEMS: (we'll try to get more of these items but it may not be possible, or it may take a long time)
• All Defi Jeu Puzzles from France
• Hona Homna’s 59 Move 6 sun Japanese Puzzle Box
• Both 5 sun New Move Japanese Puzzle Boxes - black yosegi, red yosegi


A mechanical puzzle is a self-contained object, composed of one or more parts, which involves a problem for one person to solve by manipulation using logic, reasoning, insight, luck, and/or dexterity.” - Jerry Slocum

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