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In the past we used to offer the many items listed on this page. They have been discontinued for a variety of reasons, and are no longer available.

They are listed here so that if you are looking for one of these puzzles, you can be sure that we don’t have it, and won’t be getting any more. Sorry!

The most recently discontinued items are at the top of the list.

bulletThe Following Philos Puzzles:  Cube Without a Limit,   Conway Cube I Puzzle,  Conway Cube II Puzzle, Escott Sliding Puzzle, Noris Cube, Penta Pack Puzzle, Triangle Prism Puzzle (Rollen Dreieck), Trotzklotz Puzzle, Yum Yum Puzzle
bulletAll One Drawer Jewelry Boxes
bulletWalnut Dog Bone Secret Box
bulletWalnut Dog Bone Secret Box
bulletCherry Zoid Secret Box
bulletPadauk Bow Tie Secret Box  
bulletPaduak Zoid Secret Box  
bulletThe Following Kumiki Puzzles; Motorcycle,Lion Kumiki Puzzle, Lucky Cat kumiki, Deer kumiki, Parts of Cow kumiki, Horse kumiki, mini, Pig kumiki, mini, Sparkle Burr kumiki, mini, Black & White Burr, Bright Star Burr, 39 Piece Cage Kumiki Puzzle, Ball-in-a-cage kumiki, mini, Great Pagoda, 9 pieces, Sphere kumiki, medium, Cube kumiki, medium, Cube kumiki, large, Diamond kumiki, medium, Diamond kumiki, large, Barrel kumiki, large, 6 balls in cages, Magnum kumiki, Robot kumiki puzzle - small, Five Storied Pagoda kumiki, small, Japanese Hotel Bank kumiki, Castle Kumiki, Steam Locomotive, small, Rocket kumiki, Space Shuttle kumiki, Dog kumiki, Penguin kumiki - large, and Penguin kumiki - small
bulletWilderness Woods Jelery Chests; Hummingbird (1 and 2 Drawers), Floral/Butterfly, Rose
bulletHeartwood's Tic-Tac-Toe and Deluxe Tic-Tac-Toe
bulletPocket Clock - Teak
bulletPocket Clock - Padauk
bulletPocket Clock - Mini - Teak
bulletPocket Clock - Mini - Padauk
bullet14 Move 6 Sun Japanese Puzzle Box - Saya Yosegi pattern - Yamanaka Kumiki
bulletHeartwood's Sidewinder Boxes
bulletHeartwood's Ladybug Puzzle Box
bulletZora’s 3D Puzzle - small, colored
bullet3D Puzzle- Extremely Complex
bullet16 Piece Zig Zag Puzzle
bullet3D Puzzle - Complex
bulletChaos Tiles
bulletMystic Pyramid Puzzle
bulletSpin Box #1 - Maple With Top Diamond Inlay
bulletFloral Jewelry Chest - 2 Drawer
bulletRose Border Jewelry Chest - 2 Drawer
bulletHorses Jewelry Chest
bulletMadera Valet
bulletCascade II Jewelry Box - Sapphire
bulletContinuos 3 Track Cribbage Board - Cherry
bullet27 Move 5 Sun Okiyama - San Masterwork
bullet27 Move 5 Sun Ran Yosegi Puzzle Box
bulletSidewinder Box #2 - Walnut
bulletElaphant Puzzle
bullet11 Move "New Move" 5 Sun Japanese Puzzle Box - Red
bullet11 Move "New Move" 5 Sun Japanese Puzzle Box - Black
bulletGossip Illusion Postcard
bulletStamp Dispenser - Padauk
bulletStamp Dispenser - Walnut
bulletStamp Dispenser - Cherry
bulletPocket Clock Pivot Box - Zebrawood
bulletKnock & Roll Box #1
bulletKnock & Roll Box #2
bulletTeak Domino Game - Medium
bulletPadauk Domino Game - Medium
bulletGame Box Cribbage Set #1
bulletGame Box Cribbage Set #2
bullet3 Track Cribbage Board #1 - Maple
bulletPadauk Compass with key chain
bulletWooden Twister Puzzle #2
bulletWooden Twister Puzzle #1
bulletHedgehog in a Cage Puzzle - Metal
bulletHedgehog in a Cage Puzzle- Wooden
bulletCleverwood T-Shirts
bulletRainbow Puzzle - Large
bullet23 Move 6 Sun Ran Japanese Puzzle Box
bullet10 Move 6 Sun Utamaro Japanese Puzzle Box
bulletMadera Valet Jewelry Box
bulletDovetail Burr Puzzle
bulletFour Corners Burr Puzzle
bulletElephant Burr Puzzle
bulletKAO Puzzle
bulletAleph Puzzle
bulletDeluxe Hidden Latch Box
bulletDonkey’s Tail Puzzle Box
bullet25 Piece Zig-Zag Puzzle
bullet9 Piece Zig-Zag Puzzle
bullet4 Piece Zig-Zag Puzzle
bulletDouble Jack Puzzle
bulletCat Puzzle Puzzle
bulletAll Hammersmith Boxes
bulletFroggie Puzzles
bulletFractiles - 7
bullet23 Move 6 Sun - Maru 
bullet27 Move 5 Sun - Kaminarifuji 
bulletMeadow Jewlery Box, big, with jewelery inserts 
bulletMeadow Jewlery Box, big, no inserts 
bulletMeadow Jewlery Box, small, with jewelery inserts 
bulletMeadow Jewlery Box, small, no inserts
bulletRock-It Box #3 Burl Redwood
bulletStar II Burr Puzzle
bulletCluster Buster Burr Puzzle
bulletBurl Puzzle Box - D
bulletFractal Puzzle
bullet4 Piece Zig-Zag Puzzle - mini
bulletTetralot Puzzle Puzzle
bulletPyramidon Puzzle
bulletDouble Tail Knot Puzzle
bullet7 move 4 sun Sakura Japanese Puzzle Box
bulletSoma in Babylon Puzzle
bulletZome Tool - Bubbles Kit
bulletZome Tool - Adventure Kit
bulletZome Tool - Advanced Math Creator Kit
bulletLantern kumiki - medium
bulletCamel kumiki
bullet66 Move Japanese Puzzle Box (Okiyama)
bullet54 Move Japanese Puzzle Box (Okiyama)
bulletSecond Stellation (Coffin)
bulletScorpius (Coffin)
bulletHexagonal Prism (Coffin)
bulletPennydoodle (Coffin)
bulletGlobe Pyramid Puzzle
bulletMissing Link Puzzle
bulletGem Cut Burr Puzzle
bulletThe Art of Making Small Wooden Boxes
bulletWave Goodbye puzzle - (K. Malcolmson)
bulletStar Jack puzzle - (K. Malcolmson)
bulletStar Cluster puzzle - (K. Malcolmson)
bulletReptiles puzzle - (K. Malcolmson)
bulletRattlin’ Roller - (K. Malcolmson)
bulletPyramid puzzle - (K. Malcolmson)
bulletJumbo Elephant puzzle - (K. Malcolmson)
bulletJigsaw Top Box - (K. Malcolmson)
bulletGingerbread Kids - (K. Malcolmson)
bulletVoluptuous Valentine box - (K. Malcolmson)
bulletCrescent Moon box - (K. Malcolmson)
bullet12 Move 3.8 sun Japanese Puzzle Box - Okiyama
bullet2 Move 2 sun Coin Bank Japanese Puzzle Box
bullet18 Move miniature (mame) Japanese Puzzle Box - Okiyama
bullet14 Move miniature (mame) Japanese Puzzle Box - Okiyama
bullet4 Move 2 sun Japanese Puzzle Box
bulletString Disentanglement Puzzles (Kathleen)
bulletStar Ball Burr
bulletSimple Scorpio (Coffin)
bulletStar II Burr - exotic
bulletConvolution (Coffin)
bulletVega 9 (Coffin)
bulletDiagonal Cube (Coffin)
bulletPeanut (Coffin)
bulletRosebud (Coffin)
bulletQueer Gear (Coffin)
bulletTriangular Prism (Coffin)
bulletThe Fence
bulletHardwood Bookmark
bullet7 Piece Firecracker Puzzle
bullet10 Piece Firecracker Puzzle
bullet4 Move Cube - Okiyama Masterwork Japanese Puzzle Box
bullet54 Move Kuroasa- Okiyama Masterwork Japanese Puzzle Box
bullet54 Move Kisaya- Okiyama Masterwork Japanese Puzzle Box
bullet18 Move Dual Compartment Japanese Puzzle Box
bullet27 Move - Kaminarifuji 4 sun Japanese Puzzle Box
bulletTwin Towers
bulletConcentration is the Key
bulletTriple Torment
bulletCaptive Key Maze
bulletBewildering Brass Bolt
bulletSpark Plug
bulletGreat Pagoda
bulletWindow Pain
bulletThe Rook
bulletThe Pawn
bulletSputnik Cube
bulletKamei Crown Box - licensed copy
bulletKamei Pentagon Box - licensed copy
bulletKamei Octagon Box - licensed copy
bulletKamei Dice Box - licensed copy
bulletKamei Book Box - licensed copy
bulletKamei Ribbon Box - licensed copy
bulletKamei Treasure Chest Box - licensed copy
bulletKamei CUBI Box - original
bullet59 Move 6 sun Japanese Puzzle Box
bullet16 Move 5 sun Japanese Puzzle Box
bullet21 Move 7 sun Japanese Puzzle Box
bulletMan the Torpedo
bulletSixth Sense
bulletSquare Deal
bulletLunatic Lock
bulletTrick Coin Case Japanese  Box
bulletFile Box - (K. Malcolmson)
bulletRibbon Box - (K. Malcolmson)
bullet12 Move Puzzle Box - (K. Malcolmson)
bulletGift Box - (K. Malcolmson)
bulletPennyhedron Box - (K. Malcolmson)
bulletJacob’s Ladder - (K. Malcolmson)
bulletHidden Compartment Jewelry Box - (K. Malcolmson)
As you can see - puzzles come and go. We’re always on the lookout for new items to replace discontinued items. We welcome your suggestions.


A mechanical puzzle is a self-contained object, composed of one or more parts, which involves a problem for one person to solve by manipulation using logic, reasoning, insight, luck, and/or dexterity.” - Jerry Slocum

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